The 5 Stages of Cancer

We’ve all heard cancer described as being in a particular stage, with higher numbered stages more serious than lower numbers. But what do these numbers actually mean? Most doctors use a staging system called TNM, which measures tumor formation (T), lymph node involvement (N), and the presence of metastasis.

How to Live With And Proactively Manage Your Asthma

An asthma diagnosis can be limiting and frustrating at times. It may necessitate you to make some adjustments in your lifestyle. Many patients become extremely overwhelmed, and they let the disease control the way they live their lives. With all the advancements in treatment and the free flow of information, don’t let asthma get in your way. Control it before it can control you. Learn to live better every day through:

What Is A Stroke?

A stroke occurs when the brain is said to have stopped functioning. This may be due to a shortage of blood supply to the brain caused by blockage of the artery or when the vessels of blood in the brain rupture depriving the brain cells of oxygen hence the death of the cells.The blockage in the artery may be due to a blood clot, bacteria or even air. Cholsestrol build-up in the general body arteries causes this too since it affects blood circulation to the whole body.

Tips For Flying With A Baby: Don’t Go On Vacation Without These

If you are planning a flight with your infant, there are many things to consider before you board an airplane. There are many safety rules and regulations being put in place by the airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that you will have to consider. Not to mention the fact that many parents should also regard the other passengers that will be seated in close proximity to their little one. Here a seven tips to help make the flight with your baby a pleasant one…

How To Stay Fit While You’re Traveling

Every year, thousands of people spend hours at airports and flying. Each individual is likely to be carrying all kinds of shocking maladies with them. This alone is enough to make any regular flyer cringe. However, there is some good news; all flyers can avoid getting sick by following these simple healthy travel guidelines.

Look Out for These Problems Before Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car? When you are looking for a used car, you’ll want to put your best foot forward, and your best effort into the endeavor. When the seller is much more comfortable with speaking with you, you might find that they will open up to you about the true state of the automobile and possibly what it’s really worth. Then you can certainly set a price to purchase it at.

Jet Lag? Cure It With One Of These 5 Drinks

Jet lag is common among frequent travelers. Fatigue can soothe you into a deep sleep, making you miss important meetings and throw you off schedule. Imagine sleeping off and missing a scheduled business meeting, tour visit, or even missing out on a scheduled flight. Exasperating, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are natural cures for this! Top health brewers have come up with juices, tonics, and teas that cure many ailments, including insomnia.

Changing To Video Conferencing – What You Should Know

Today, technology enables us to communicate with people from all around the world. You do not need to travel across countries in order to hold a meeting with your business associates or clients. Travelling takes up a considerable amount of your precious time which can be spent on other things. Now, you can meet your clients or partners by conducting a multi-person video conferencing.

5 Previously Expensive Cars You Can Now Buy for Less Than $20,000

Many people often do not know about the previously expensive cars you can now buy for less than $20,000 when making their choices. When you have an idea of the type of car that you would need to buy, you will always find ways of saving money during your purchase. Here are five previously expensive cars you can now buy for less than $20,000 from the market today:

Do this when shopping for a mortgage and you could save $430 in the first year

Half of home buyers look to only one lender when getting a mortgage for a new home, according to a recent survey from personal finance website NerdWallet. Comparing interest rates between five different lenders can result in $430 in savings in the first year alone, based on NerdWallet’s calculations for a 30-year fixed-rate $260,000 mortgage. If all Americans did this, they could save $776 million in one year across all home sales, the website said.

Why Queer Eye’s Antoni Swears by Time-Restricted Eating: ‘I’m Not as Ferociously Hungry’

Since the premiere of the latest and arguably most heartwarming season of Queer Eye, the Fab Five are bigger and more fabulous than ever. So when we had a chance to chat with Antoni Porowski, the chef in the group, we jumped. On the show, Porowski cooks up simple, flavorful recipes, and he’s even opened his own eatery, The Village Den—think comfort food with a nutritious spin—in New York City. Below, Porowski dishes about all things healthy eating, including why he only consumes solid food between noon and 8 pm.

When You Eat Really Does Make a Difference—Here’s Why

Sure, there is some truth to that old adage “you are what you eat.” But the latest research shows that when you eat can be just as crucial. “Eating in tune with your circadian rhythms—a.k.a. your body’s inner clock that guides you to wake and sleep—automatically helps your health. You are getting fuel when you can actually use it and allowing your body to rest when it needs to,” says Michael Roizen, MD, chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic and coauthor of What to Eat When. In fact, according to a 2015 study, ignoring these rhythms and eating at the wrong times—say, late at night—can raise blood sugar, a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. Want to understand meal timing a bit more? Experts weighed in on the four key guidelines to follow.

What Does It Really Mean to Be Happy? 6 Experts Explain

When you go to your “happy place,” you might picture yourself relaxing on a beach in Bali, fitting back into a pair of favorite old jeans, or landing that promotion you’ve been gunning for. But here’s the thing: Elation, achievement, and success aren’t the same as the warm and fuzzy feelings of happiness—and mixing them up may actually bum you out. That’s why we endeavored to learn what happiness really means, by interviewing a handful of people who have devoted years of their lives to studying it. Read about what their research and real-life experience has taught them; then use their wisdom and advice to boost your own joy. (Spoiler alert: Those old jeans will do more good in the giveaway bin.)

Here’s How Feeling Grateful Can Improve Your Life

There are those moments when sunlight pierces the clouds as if in a painting, your partner unexpectedly cleans the whole house on a whim, or your computer miraculously unfreezes after what you feared was a disastrous death spiral—and a warm feeling of gratitude pours over you. If you didn’t have next-door neighbors, you’d toss open the shutters and start singing like Maria on an Austrian hilltop.

How One Hospital Is Using a Spotify Playlist to Teach CPR

Getting certified in CPR is undeniably a noble thing to do. In the case of an emergency, it can be a life-saving form of first aid. But it’s not easy to get comfortable with that kind of responsibility. One hospital went the extra mile to help people gain confidence by creating a playlist of songs that have just the right beat to time CPR compressions to.

6 Ways to Stay Safe When You’re Running Alone

This summer, the tragic death of Mollie Tibbetts, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student who was followed and killed while she was out jogging alone, reminded us of the very real and scary risk women face when they go for a run solo. Sadly, a similar crime happened again this week, when 35-year-old Wendy Karina Martinez was stabbed to death while jogging by herself in Washington D.C. 

7 Easy Ways to Manage Stress

Turns out, your body has a stress-release button. Between the tendons, two or three finger widths above the center of your inner wrist is a point called pericardium 6 (PC6), explains Nada Milosavljevic, MD, director of the Integrative Health Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. Research shows that using your finger to apply pressure to PC6 has a calming effect on the central nervous system (CNS).

Dessert Hummus Is Actually Amazing—Here’s How to Make It in Minutes

When I first heard about the dessert hummus trend, I was skeptical. After all, chocolate is sacred, and chickpeas have other important places to be, like in salads. But when I recently spotted a strategically placed container of brownie batter hummus by the supermarket cash register, I caved. Curiosity (and an unexpectedly straightforward ingredient list) got the best of me.

These Millennial Pink Sneakers Are So Comfortable, I Haven’t Worn Anything Else This Summer

When I find a pair of sneakers I love, I’ll wear them over and over again until I’ve ripped through the sole. That’s exactly what happened to my favorite pair of black slip-ons recently, which sent me on a search for a new pair of kicks. My goal? A sneaker that was super comfortable—I need it to stand up to the harsh sidewalks of New York City, since I spend a lot of time on my feet walking when I’m not in the office. But since much of this time is spent socializing with friends, I also wanted a stylish shoe, not something you’d find labeled “athletic.”

Why We Get Hangry, According to Science

Ever notice how when your tummy is rumbling, you’re more likely to lash out at unsuspecting loved ones or even innocent bystanders? This sudden, irrational rage is often referred to as “hanger” (a combo of hunger and anger) and experts say it is a very real thing.

The Real Reason People Use Tinder Actually Has Nothing to Do With Casual Sex

Prince Harry’s loving gaze (and now-iconic lip bite) when he saw Meghan Markle walk down the aisle probably encouraged every single person to fire up their dating apps shortly after the duo exchanged “I dos.” But as it turns out, people aren’t necessarily looking for their redheaded Prince Charming on Tinder. In a recent study, researchers found that most men and women use dating apps because of one thing: boredom.

I’ve Never Felt More Body Confident Than When I Put on This Swimsuit

I dread trying on bathing suits and the experience is only made worse by one thing: remembering how easy it was to pick out a cute bikini when I was younger. Oh, how I long for the days when the hardest decision I made was bandeau or triangle top. Nowadays, new swimsuit styles are constantly emerging, and since sizing differs from store to store, I usually end up trying on multiple styles in multiple sizes—meaning there’s bound to be 10 swimsuits that look terrible on me for every one I actually like. I know it’s natural for my body to change as I grow older, but that doesn’t make it easier when I notice a new imperfection pop up in the dressing room mirror.

Why Jordana Brewster Will Never Give Up Carbs

Health and happiness go hand in hand, but finding a good balance can be difficult—especially for someone with as busy a schedule as Lethal Weapon actress Jordana Brewster. The mom of two (who’s also well known for her work on The Fast and Furious movies), has found a way to keep her mind and body healthy by staying consistent with her family’s schedule and taking time for herself to stay sane. Her idea of self care? Having an hour to herself when no one else is home.

3 Times It’s Okay to Be Rude

Okay, so we’re not saying it’s acceptable to be unfriendly to people for no reason. But as the new book F You Very Much teaches us, women who push back against thoughtless jerks are often misconstrued as being rude—and that comes with consequences. Careers can stall. Health issues can go undetected. Sex lives can suffer. (Yes, this matters.)

6 Ways You Can Stay In Touch While Studying Abroad

There are several obstacles to keeping in touch with family and friends while you’re studying abroad, but there are ways to make communicating easier on everyone. Before you leave on a jet plane, calculate the time difference between your loved ones and where you will be. This will be an important factor to when and how you can talk to your family and friends.

8 Reasons Beauty School is Worth It

Hair, makeup, style – – there are countless reasons why you would want to make people look and feel better about themselves and allow them the chance to make a great impression each and every time. One of the reasons may be simply that you get irritated when walking around and seeing people whose eyebrows are not shaped evenly or in ways that really do not compliment their face. It may also be because of the many people who wear the wrong colors when it comes to makeup so much so that they look like dolls. Instead of criticizing such people, why not go to beauty school, learn, and help them?

Treatment Chronic Constipation

Constipation is the most common digestive complaint among people in North America. It affects 42 million people in the U.S. annually. Constipation occurs when food waste travels slowly through the digestive system. The water in the stool is then absorbed by the colon and ultimately yields a dry, hard, and painful stool to pass.