How This Former Ballerina Is Revolutionizing Home Workouts

“I spent my teens and early 20s as a professional ballerina, dancing with companies in New York City and Montreal. After retiring in 2008, I went into the boutique fitness field. At first, the only space I could afford was a 500-square-foot room in a church, which meant there was no room for traditional equipment. I had to figure out: What can you do in a small footprint that gives people the benefit of a total gym? I came up with a high-intensity circuit that toned the full body. When I brought in mirrors, people loved them. They found the visual feedback inspiring and also helpful in keeping their form correct.

Savannah Guthrie Discusses Her Journey With Self-Acceptance: ‘It’s a Lifelong Struggle for Me’

Savannah Guthrie has been hard at work for the past six hours—and it’s only 10 a.m. Up before dawn as part of her normal routine, she heads to the set of the Today show, where she has served as coanchor since 2012. Now Savannah, 47, is finally back in her dressing room, ready to remove the day’s wardrobe and makeup before she departs for her second, and most favorite, job: mom to daughter Vale, nearly 5, and son Charley, 2. It’s a gig that’s been a bit messier than usual lately. “This week, we all had the stomach flu,” she groans. “All of us. Four people in the same house with the stomach flu is not a pretty sight.”

The 3 Keys to Healthy Aging After 40, According to Cameron Diaz

“Around my 40th birthday, I started thinking about what it means to age,” Cameron Diaz writes in the introduction to her latest work, The Longevity Book ($28; Inspired to learn more about how the passage of time affects our bodies, she began traveling the country to consult with top medical experts on the subject. What she learned? It’s the simple things in life that have the greatest effects as we grow older: “Eating nutritious foods, moving often, and getting enough rest are the keys to healthy aging,” she concludes. In the excerpt below, Diaz describes her ideal formula for a “most perfect” day.

Sisters Celebrate Being Able to Wear the Same Clothes in Different Sizes With a Body Positive Photo Shoot

If you have siblings, there might have been a time when your parents dressed you alike, as much as you may repress the memory. My sisters and I endured years of identical L.L. Bean monogrammed turtlenecks and coordinating overalls, plus matchy-matchy holiday outfits for our family Christmas card—which fooled many people into thinking we were triplets, even though there are four years between me and my youngest sister.

Shannen Doherty On How Breast Cancer Changed Her Body and How She Learned to Love It Again

If you had looked at Shannen Doherty’s life a few years ago, you would have seen something pretty darn idyllic. Through years of hard work and indelible roles on Beverly Hills, 90210 and Charmed, she had established herself as a talented and respected Hollywood actress, and she had found love and settled down with photographer Kurt Iswarienko. Then, in 2015, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her world dramatically changed. Shannen immediately swung into action, and what followed was a whirlwind. “It’s been eye-opening, enlightening, and hard,” she admits. “There were definitely dips and valleys where I thought, ‘God, I wish this were easier.’ ” Her initial attempts at fighting the cancer cells with hormone therapy proved to be ineffective, as the disease had spread to her lymph nodes. So in May 2016, Shannen had a single mastectomy, followed by grueling courses of chemotherapy, and then radiation. About a year after radiation was complete, she underwent an intense reconstructive surgery. Now, “I’m in remission,” explains Shannen, 47, “but I’m still not done with this journey. Every five years [cancer-free] is another milestone.” Nonetheless, she is brimming with strength, positivity, and even gratitude for the disease that threatened to end her life. “As brutal as it was, cancer was a gift,” she says. “It opened me up, it taught me about myself, and it changed me as a human being forever.”

The One Piece of Workout Equipment I Can’t Live Without

When we first moved into our two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, my roommate—a friend from my CrossFit box and fellow fitness-junkie—and I (half) joked that we should get bunk beds and turn one of the bedrooms into a home gym. Beyond being superb material for a pick-up line at CrossFit competitions, it’d give me a place to store all my exercise equipment. And boy oh boy did I have a lot of equipment: kettlebells, exercise sliders, dumbbells, a wall ball, a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a Theragun, and yes, even a barbell (and plates!).