How Kidney Cancer is Diagnosed

Kidney cancer, also referred to as renal cancer, manifests itself through the uncontrollable growth of a tumor on a kidney after the affected cells become malignant. Kidney cancer is normally detected earlier than other forms of cancer before it spreads to neighboring organs. The ability to detect this condition in its early stages makes it easier to treat.

How To Cope With a Miscarriage

A miscarriage is a spontaneous loss of pregnancy that occurs before the 20th week. Miscarriages can be difficult physically, but they can also be very emotionally draining as well. No matter the circumstances, miscarrying can be a devastating experience for both you and your partner. You might feel angry, guilty, or even depressed after the loss of your pregnancy. It is important to let yourself go through the grieving process naturally, as this is a perfectly normal reaction.

Email Marketing for Small Business

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to compete with big businesses. You don’t have the same resources or budget at your disposal, therefore, marketing can be hard. However, email marketing can drastically level the playing field. Email marketing is more than just sending random emails, it’s a powerful tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

How To Stay Fit While You’re Traveling

Every year, thousands of people spend hours at airports and flying. Each individual is likely to be carrying all kinds of shocking maladies with them. This alone is enough to make any regular flyer cringe. However, there is some good news; all flyers can avoid getting sick by following these simple healthy travel guidelines.

How does that index fund address social issues? SEC official seeks transparency

Mutual fund companies are required to disclose how they vote on key shareholder issues such as climate change, gun control and CEO pay, but most investors do not know where to find the information or how to analyze it. A top SEC official is in favor of prominently displaying a fund’s proxy voting record as part of the mutual fund sales process, before an investor makes a decision to buy. The SEC is weighing a broad rethink of mutual fund disclosures for the retail investor.

Here’s how to track how well your impact investments are performing

The number of funds and companies that are addressing climate change and other social issues has grown in recent years. As those investments have developed, so have ratings that can track how well those ETFs, mutual funds and companies are performing against their stated goals. These measurements can let you begin to evaluate how well your portfolio really is addressing environmental and social issues.

Are you seeking top-rated responsible investing funds? There’s a rating for that

If you want to know how well your funds are performing when it comes to environmental, social and governance issues, there is a measurement for that. Morningstar has a sustainability rating that tracks how well both traditional and environmentally focused funds address these areas. There have been record fund flows into ESG funds in the three years since the measurement was launched.

This is how your employer can botch up your taxes

At times, employers inadvertently send workers an erroneous Form W-2, which makes filing your taxes even more of a hassle. Potential flubs include the wrong Social Security number, incorrect dependent care expenses and the wrong tax treatment on workplace life insurance. Filed with the wrong data? Depending on the magnitude of the error, you may have to file an amended return.

How to Find Out Exactly How Many Calories Running a Mile Burns

It doesn’t get any better than heading outside and going for a killer run under the sun….Well, there’s actually one thing that can make that run better: knowing exactly how many calories you burned while doing it. Tracking calories definitely isn’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. But some of us only feel seriously accomplished knowing that number. 

The Benefits of Positive Thinking—and How You Can Do More of It

No doubt you’ve heard it before, or some version of it: “Turn that frown upside down!” “Smile, you’ll feel better!” “Stop focusing on how stressed you are and think about how #blessed you are.” These little positive-thinking prods might be enough to make you want to punch a wall—look, no one wants to be told to smile, ever—but you might consider repeating the general message to yourself. Positivity has benefits that extend far beyond any Instagram meme. And even if you were born the polar opposite of Pollyanna (your outlook may in fact be influenced by your genes), you can make positivity work for you.

This Simple Stair Test Could Predict Your Risk of Dying

Last year around this time, I made it my New Year’s resolution to take one extra flight of stairs every day at the office. I arrive every morning smugly congratulating myself for being a superior human being for not taking the escalator. Oh and I also happen to live in a third-floor walk-up apartment. Nothing could have prepared me more for headlines this morning that how well you do on a new stair test could determine your risk of dying.

Here’s How Feeling Grateful Can Improve Your Life

There are those moments when sunlight pierces the clouds as if in a painting, your partner unexpectedly cleans the whole house on a whim, or your computer miraculously unfreezes after what you feared was a disastrous death spiral—and a warm feeling of gratitude pours over you. If you didn’t have next-door neighbors, you’d toss open the shutters and start singing like Maria on an Austrian hilltop.

How Quickly Can You Really Catch an Illness on an Airplane—and How Much Should You Worry?

When an airplane from Dubai landed in New York yesterday morning with reports of passengers coughing and vomiting, health officials jumped into action—detaining the plane and screening all 549 passengers and crew members for illness before allowing them to disembark. Although initial reports indicated that 100 or more people had concerning symptoms, it was later announced that only 11 people were sick enough to be hospitalized, and that influenza appeared to be the cause.

How to Respond to Catcallers, Victim Blamers, and Demeaning Coworkers

Over the past year, accusations against men like film producer Harvey Weinstein and the horrifying behavior of former USA Gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar have had an eye-opening effect on how we perceive sexual assault and harassment. Inspiring things started to happen, too—like the explosion of the #metoo movement. Hearing women share their stories solidified how important it is to speak up.

Understanding Why Your Child Hates School

Your child comes home from school and tells you that school is “soo hard.” How does a parent adequately respond after gritting of teeth and reluctantly passing up the golden opportunity to share that is he or she would just pay attention a little better or put in more effort it might change? Below is a detailed review of reasons why you need to understand why your child hates school:

Discussing an Eating Disorder with Your Family

Admitting to your family that you’re struggling with an eating disorder is difficult, but opening up to your closest loved ones can make the recovery process much easier. If you’re unsure of how you should start this conversation with your relatives, use these suggestions to navigate through any potential difficulties.

How Much Income Will You Need For Your Retirement?

Retirement shouldn’t be something that you leave until the last minute – it should be something that you start strategically planning as early as possible. Of course, that’s not always a priority for some. People begin preparing for retirement at all stages of life, and one of the most common questions asked is “How much money will I need for retirement?” If this sounds like you, here’s everything you need to know:

How to Choose the Best Mortgage Escrow Company for You

An escrow company is designed to prevent fraud when buying or selling a house, but how do you pick a company? You need to receive emails and documents required for closing in a timely fashion and be able to communicate with the sellers. A bad escrow company can push back your closing for weeks. Here’s how you can pick a great company and avoid issues down the road.

ADHD and How it Affects Sleep

ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is categorized by difficulty focusing and overly active behavior that affects schoolwork, relationships, and well-being. While ADHD is commonly diagnosed in childhood, it can continue into adulthood. At either age, ADHD can have a negative impact on sleep. Read on to learn more about the relationship between ADHD and sleep and how these negative effects can be mitigated.

How To Protect Yourself While Using Online Banking

With our fast paced development in electronics, the majority of people make use of online banking. It’s the fastest and easiest and one can have access to your bank everywhere, like on your smartphones, tablets, notebooks and computers. Due to the easy access we need to protect ourselves from unauthorized persons, like scammers and identity theft.

How Do IRA Contributions Affect Your Taxes? Find Out Here

One key factor that you should always put into consideration whenever you are making investment strategies is how the strategies are going to affect your taxes. There are still lots of factors that are involved and need to be kept in mind, and in all this, your least expectations is to make investments that will demand of you to pay huge amounts of taxes that will weigh down heavily the general value of the investments you make.

How To Get A Small Business Grant

Setting up a small business or startup is a lucrative thought, but not an easy process. While the great American Dream talks about becoming successful regardless of your social standing and background, it doesn’t explain how to find the money to go about doing so! The availability of micro-loans and small business loans has diminished if there is no form of collateral. In these situations, learning how to get a small business grant can be the lifeline an entrepreneur needs. Understanding how to get a small business grant is not a hard process. It requires an understanding of the programs that exist in each state to fund a growing project or business.