Facts you Should Know about Breast Cancer

Cancer is the malignant growth of body cells. Breast cancer affects the mammary tissues and is ranked second killer form of cancer in women after lung cancer. Although it affects men it is not common and only a small number get affected. However, with the laid out measures to fight the disease it is evident that in some years to come the number of death related to it will surely go down.

What Can Cause Diarrhea?

In most comedy movies, diarrhea is at the butt of many jokes — a bad pun to say the least! Diarrhea can be cause for a good laugh, but wait until you have diarrhea in real life, then it will no longer be a laughing matter. Diarrhea, though common with most people is not a very serious illness, but one has to admit that it is quite uncomfortable. Diarrhea seems to be most likely to come at the worse times such as when you are on your vacation, and instead of enjoying that out of town trip, you end up in your hotel bathroom. But what are the causes of diarrhea?

Jet Lag? Cure It With One Of These 5 Drinks

Jet lag is common among frequent travelers. Fatigue can soothe you into a deep sleep, making you miss important meetings and throw you off schedule. Imagine sleeping off and missing a scheduled business meeting, tour visit, or even missing out on a scheduled flight. Exasperating, isn’t it? Fortunately, there are natural cures for this! Top health brewers have come up with juices, tonics, and teas that cure many ailments, including insomnia.

Mom Responds to Troll Who Called Her Postpartum Body Lazy and Ugly in Empowering Post

If hurtful words have lingered in your head for days, or even weeks on end, you’re not alone. On social media, it’s easy to delete an unkind message and block the hater, but it isn’t always easy to forget the harsh words that can become engrained in your mind. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, though, one mom is reminding us to feel sorry for the people who put others down.

This Man Removed Parts of His Ears—and Now His Extreme Body Modification Is Going Viral

By now you’ve probably heard about the man who went viral for having the inside of both of his ears cut out. If not, here’s the story: Charles Bentley reportedly traveled from Australia to Sweden to have his inner ears surgically removed by a man who calls himself a “body modification practitioner.” The procedure is apparently called “conch removal,” and as soon as Bentley’s post-op photos hit the Internet, people started freaking out. 

Best Body Odor Deodorant & Antiperspirant Review

Body odor is caused by bacteria that break down sweat. It is mainly related to apocrine glands, from which most body odor comes. These glands are often found in the breast, genital area, eyelids, armpits and ears. In the breast, they secrete fat droplets into breast milk while in the ear they help to form earwax, the apocrine glands of the skin and eyelids are sweat glands.

Keto Breath Is a Common Problem for Low-Carb Dieters—Here’s What You Can Do About It

If you’ve ever been on the keto diet, you might have noticed your breath smelling pretty nasty for the first couple of weeks. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. “Keto breath” is a super common side effect of eating high-fat, low-carb meals. And while it might be very unpleasant, it’s actually a sign that your body is in ketosis, the fat-burning state that is the goal of the keto plan.

11 New Year’s Resolutions for Body Acceptance

I quit dieting at age 28 after realizing that it made my body image and eating issues worse. But after the birth of my second child—with a decade of solid body acceptance and recovery from binge eating disorder under my belt—I thought I was strong enough to dip my toe into dietland again. 

How a Random Hookup Helped Me Get Over My Body Confidence Issues

I can’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t completely aware of my body—whether it was my biker shorts fitting too snugly or the look of disgust I thought I saw on someone’s face while I was eating ice cream. My high-school boyfriend said I could lose a few pounds in my stomach. My mom told me I had thunder thighs, even though I had developed an eating disorder just a year earlier.

7 New Moms Get Real About How They Learned to Love Their Postpartum Body

Most moms are prepared to bring home baby. What many aren’t ready for is welcoming a new body. Giving birth is no easy task, but for these women, having children provided them with a fresh perspective on their bodies. And whether or not you’re a mom, knowing your own strength and beauty is universally inspiring. Below, seven influencers who opened up about how childbirth changed their attitude towards beauty standards.

Busy Philipps Gets Real About Body Image: ‘I’m Gonna Wear This Wrinkly Skin With a Lot of Pride’

If you follow actress Busy Philipps on Instagram (and if you don’t, you’re missing out), you know how addictive and entertaining her feed is, in part thanks to her incredible openness. From panic attacks and parenting snafus to sugar cravings and shooting garlic up her nose, Philipps’ always-hilarious Instagram Stories make you feel like you’re following your funniest, coolest friend who also happens to be really, really famous.

This Woman Used to Hold Her Breath to Make Herself Look ‘Fitter’ on Instagram—Here’s Why She’s Not Doing That Anymore

As a fitness influencer, 20-year-old Mary Jelkovsky regularly posted social media images meant to inspire others. What her followers didn’t know, however, is that she was actually lacking body confidence. Feeling pressure to look a certain way, she would pose and angle her body so she appeared fitter and thinner than she really was.