Relapsed Multiple Myeloma

A relapsed myeloma—also known as a recurrent myeloma—is when a cancer mass regrows after treatment. A relapse may also occur while a patient is in remission. Since multiple myeloma does not have a cure, it is likely that, at some point in time, a patient will relapse. When a patient is faced with a relapse of myeloma, it is important to seek treatment as promptly as possible.

How Kidney Cancer is Diagnosed

Kidney cancer, also referred to as renal cancer, manifests itself through the uncontrollable growth of a tumor on a kidney after the affected cells become malignant. Kidney cancer is normally detected earlier than other forms of cancer before it spreads to neighboring organs. The ability to detect this condition in its early stages makes it easier to treat.

Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a type of disease that starts in the small tissue of the lung. In many cases, it begins by forming in cells that are lining a person’s air passages. Lung cancer comes in two different forms known as small and non-small cell. In order to diagnose the type of cancer, doctors have to look at the cells with a microscope. Lung cancer is the primary cause of death among patients who have cancer, for both women and men. With that stated, however, it is also one of the most avoidable types of cancer.

Lung Cancer Treatment Options

Lung cancer is a type of disease that starts in the small tissue of the lung. In many cases, it begins by forming in cells that are lining a person’s air passages. Lung cancer comes in two different forms known as small and non-small cell. In order to diagnose the type of cancer, doctors have to look at the cells under a microscope. Lung cancer is the primary cause of death among patients who have cancer, for both women and men. With that stated, however, it is also one of the most avoidable types of cancer.

The Symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes swelling, redness, pain and discomfort that gets worse if left untreated. The inflammation that the disease causes can affect internal organs as well. Eyes, lungs and heart are some of which can be affected by it.

The Pros and Cons of Becoming a Plumber

Indoor plumbing created a new market for services that previous generations did not need. Since the introduction of indoor plumbing, we have looked for people to install our toilets, unblock our pipes, and figure out why the washer keeps flooding the house. It is due to this demand that plumbers came to be. It is undeniable that plumbers bring a lot of sanity into every household. However, just as is the case with other professions, plumbing, too, has its ups and downs.

Symptoms Of Colon Cancer – What You Need To Know

Colon Cancer is the third most common cancer in men after lung and prostate cancer according to the reports from the National Cancer Institute. The reports also find it to be the fourth most common cancer in women after lung, breast and cervical cancer. The symptoms are normally very minimal in the earlier stages of the disease but as it progresses, the symptoms become more obvious and evident. Since the symptoms do not present themselves until the cancer is severe, it’s imperative that one religiously goes for screening. This will also enhance chances of survival because research shows 90% of the cases are curable in the early stages of the cancer.

The 8 Most Unnecessary Medical Tests You Get Done

Some people’s view on good health means that they need to have more and more medical tests. They also think they should be having more visits to their doctor and to always remain vigilant. However, in some circumstances this really is not the best approach. Too much medical testing and unnecessary visits to the doctor can result in anxiety. There are also surgeries that can be avoided.

Signs Of Mental Illness

For many of us, mental illness seems like something foreign and that has led to a lack of seriousness in dealing with the issue. It should be noted that more than 54 million people suffer from mental disorders in the US alone. This is an estimated 15% of the population of those who have acknowledged being mentally ill. But still, many people do not acknowledge mental illness because of stigma. As a parent, a spouse or just any

What Causes Parkinson’s Disease?

The world over, Parkinson’s disease has affected many people’s lives in one way or another. Whether it has a stricken a beloved celebrity, a loved one or you yourself, it’s almost certain that you have asked yourself several questions about this debilitating illness, including what causes Parkinson’s disease and how it can be prevented.

2016 Safest Cars

Every year, new cars are released, and people want to purchase the latest and greatest models. But before you go buy a new vehicle, make sure it’s as safe as possible. Here are five of the top safest cars of 2016. Each of these cars is also included in the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s top safety picks of the year.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pulmonary Hypertension?

Pulmonary hypertension is a disease that can kill. It is known to have an affect on the arteries that connect the heart through to the lungs. These particular blood vessels will gradually become smaller. This means that blood pressure will increase. As a result, this will cause more stress and problems to the blood vessels. The harm caused by this is unable to be reversed. However, the condition is able to be managed well if the right treatment is used.

The Top 5 New SUVs

Are you looking for that extra space and comfort? Well, an SUV is the solution to your problems. Considering the fact that the SUV is a sports utility vehicle, it’s also the perfect size that best suits your family when you are planning to travel. You can always load your entire luggage and still remains with some extra space for more.

Health-care costs for retirees climb to $285,000

Broken down by gender, the estimate is $150,000 for women and $135,000 for men, according to Fidelity Investments’ annual analysis. The amounts exclude things not covered by Medicare — dental, basic vision, over-the-counter medicines, long-term care. The nation’s health expenditure growth is anticipated to average 5.5 percent annually from 2017 through 2026, compared with 4.6 percent through 2028 for Medicare’s per-capita spending.

Leonardo DiCaprio is investing in this greener way to save and spend

Award-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio is adding to his portfolio of investments aimed at combating climate change, this time with a company that is providing a socially conscious alternative to traditional banks. The company, called Aspiration, offers a Spend & Save account that touts 100 percent fossil fuel-free deposits, as well as a competitive 2 percent annual percentage yield. DiCaprio will join Aspiration’s board of advisors with the investment, which was made as part of a Series B round of funding.

How Do You Get Lyme Disease?

Now that winter has transitioned to spring and temperatures are warming up in much of the country, you’re likely to start hearing a lot about Lyme disease. Rates of this tick-borne illness have been rising steadily in the United States over the last two decades, with most infections happening in April through October.

7 Reasons Raspberries Are So Good for You

Raspberries are enjoyable all year long, whether they’re fresh or frozen. These gorgeous gems aren’t just delicious and versatile; they have an impressive nutritional profile that makes them one of the healthiest choices in the produce aisle. Here are 7 health benefits of raspberries, plus simple ways to include both fresh and frozen options into meals and snacks.

‘Zombie Deer Disease’ Is Infecting Animals Across the Country—Are Humans at Risk?

There’s a deadly disease spreading among elk and deer in the United States, and now experts are warning that it may one day be transmittable to humans who eat meat from wild game. The infection, known as chronic wasting disease, is related to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), also known as mad cow disease—which explains the equally terrifying nickname this illness has been given: zombie deer disease.

The Fertility Diet Was Created to Help Women Get Pregnant. Here’s Why It Could Also Help You Lose Weight

Every year, U.S. News and World Report ranks several dozen of the most popular diets from best to worst. Many of those diets focus on weight loss, heart health, or overall healthy living. But one eating plan has a much more specific goal than that: The Fertility Diet, which tied this year for 11th overall best diet, was designed to help women get pregnant.

A Baby Caught Chlamydia From Her Mother—In Her Eyes

Chlamydia is generally thought of as a sexually transmitted disease, and one that affects the reproductive organs—causing discharge and pain during urination or sex, for example—above all else. But a photo published in today’s New England Journal of Medicine shows that the infection can also occur in a much more visible place: the eyes.

Can Emergen-C Actually Prevent a Cold?

If you find yourself reaching for a packet of Emergen-C every time you feel a tickle in your throat, you’re certainly not alone. The fizzy orange power—a mix of vitamins C and B, along with other nutrients—has become a mainstay of medicine cabinets, winter-weather survival kits, travel packing lists, and even wedding weekend goodie bags.

Why Smoke From Wildfires Is So Dangerous—Even Miles Away and Weeks Later

California is burning, and our hearts go out to those who have lost loved ones or homes in the deadly fires that have been raging for more than a week. The statewide death toll has risen to 79—with hundreds still missing—and the Camp Fire burning north of Sacramento has consumed more than 150,000 acres and destroyed more than 11,000 homes. Multiple fires are burning in Southern California, as well.

Your Thanksgiving Feast Might Be Better for You Than You Think

This time of year, you’re bound to see articles tallying up the calories in your Thanksgiving meal, or how much exercise you need to do to burn off the feast. Forget all that. Instead, we’d like to highlight the potential benefits of your holiday dinner, along with simple ways to create a healthier balance on your plate—so you can feel good about what you’re putting in your body, and focus on enjoying your food and the company. Below, the nutritional highlights for five traditional dishes.

7 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

A lot of people ask me if sweet potatoes are actually that good for you, which isn’t surprising considering their very name suggests they’re sugar-and-starch bombs! But as a nutritionist, I give the root veggie two thumbs way up. I enjoy eating sweet potatoes all year long, and in the fall, they become particularly appealing—as a hearty side dish, and an ingredient in everything from soups and stews to pies and other desserts.

Preeclampsia Is a Leading Cause of Maternal Death. So Why Do We Keep Getting the Facts Wrong?

The investigative reporting site ProPublica is calling out trusted health websites for publishing misleading, incomplete, or incorrect information about preeclampsia—a serious condition that affects up to 200,000 women a year in the United States. This dangerous form of high blood pressure can occur both during and after pregnancy, but ProPublica says many online resources omit or underplay some of the risks, especially in the postpartum period.

I Tried Khloe Kardashian’s New Activewear Line, and Here’s What I Thought

If a Kardashian decided to come out with a line of kitchen tools, it would inevitably have a waiting list a mile long, not to mention the frenzy that ensues any time the famous clan posts about a “secret project.” The latest in the mix? Khloe’s new collection of activewear from her size-inclusive denim brand Good American—and I was lucky enough to try it before it made its way to the masses.

This Type of Non-Dairy Milk is the Healthiest, Study Says

That almond milk latte may be delicious, but a study just published in the Journal of Food Science and Technology suggests that the trendy beverage also has some drawbacks. When researchers compared the nutritional profiles of four popular “alternative” milks, they found that soy milk came out on top—and that almond, rice and coconut “milks” all lacked essential nutrients important for overall health.

Eczema Food Triggers

Eczema, also commonly referred to as atopic dermatitis, is a common skin condition that causes red, flaky, and itchy rashes. While many factors are associated with the development of eczema, it has been found that certain foods such as dairy, eggs, wheat, nuts, and soy can lead to eczema or exacerbate symptoms in individuals who suffer from the condition. Eczema rashes most typically affect the face, arms, elbows, legs, and knees, but they can also appear on any area of the body.